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DC Circuits
  AlgebraLAB related materials Textbook Alignment
Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Review APB Review Session: DC Circuits
   Resource Lesson Capacitors
   Worksheet Capacitors with Dielectrics
   CP Workbook Circuits (RIVP Charts - Part I)
   CP Workbook Circuits (RIVP Charts - Part II)
   Resource Lesson DC Circuits
   NextTime DC Circuits: Brightness
   NextTime DC Circuits: Parallel Circuits
   NextTime DC Circuits: Series Circuits
   CP Workbook Electric Power
   Amusing Problem * Electrical Circuits: The Circuit Rider
   Amusing Problem * Electrical Circuits: The Cycle Shop
   Resource Lesson Galvanometers, Ammeters, Voltmeters
   Resource Lesson Kirchoff's Laws
   NextTime Light and Optics: Light and Heat
   Resource Lesson Networks with Capacitors
   Resource Lesson Resistance, Wattage, Brightness
   Worksheet Resistance, Wattage, Brightness
   Worksheet Set #1: R | I | V | P Charts
   Ancillary Materials University of Oregon Brightness Drill

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