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Freefall and Projectiles
  AlgebraLAB related materials Textbook Alignment
Standards Alignment

Type Title
   AAPT Quizzes * 1999 Physics QuizBowl: #1,2,6,9,15,17,18,20
   Worksheet 2D Projectiles: Angle Release
   Resource Lesson 2D Projectiles: Angle Release
   Resource Lesson 2D Projectiles: Horizontal Release
   CP Workbook Freefall: Aunt Minnie
   CP Workbook Freefall: Dropped from Rest
   CP Workbook Freefall: Straight Up and Down
   Resource Lesson Freefall: Vertical Release
   Worksheet Horizontal Projectiles #1
   Worksheet Horizontal Projectiles #2
   NextTime Kinematics: Cut Pendulum
   NextTime Kinematics: Monkey Problem
   NextTime Kinematics: Projectile
   Lab LAB: PSL Range Lab
   Amusing Problem * Projectile Motion: Big Mac
   Amusing Problem * Projectile Motion: The Golf Game
   Resource Lesson * The Monkey and the Hunter Problem
   CP Workbook Tossed Ball

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