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Magnetism and Induction
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Standards Alignment

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   Resource Lesson Cathode Rays - Electron Beams
   Physlet * Charged Particles Moving in a Magnetic Field
   Resource Lesson * Current Carrying Wires
   NextTime Electromagnetic Induction: Induction Coils
   NextTime Electromagnetic Induction: Meters and Motors
   CP Workbook Faraday's Law: Electromagnetic Induction
   Resource Lesson Galvanometers, Ammeters, Voltmeters
   Physlet * Induced Current
   Resource Lesson Induction
   Amusing Problem * Magnetic Force: Maggie
   Amusing Problem * Magnetic Force: The Tree House
   Worksheet Magnetic Forces on Charged Particles and Wires
   Resource Lesson Magnetism
   CP Workbook Magnetism Summary
   NextTime Magnetism: Bar Magnets
   NextTime Magnetism: Magnetic Force
   Resource Lesson Motors and Generators
   Worksheet Practice with Induced Currents
   Ancillary Materials * Prove that the time required for a particle of mass, m, and charge q to complete one orbit in a magnetic field, B, is constant and only depends on its mass. That time is independent of the value of the orbit's radius or the particle's speed.
   Review * Review: Magnetism and Induction
   CP Workbook Transformers

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