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Modern Physics
  AlgebraLAB related materials Textbook Alignment
Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Resource Lesson Bohr Model
   Resource Lesson Cathode Rays - Electron Beams
   Resource Lesson Davisson-Germer
   Resource Lesson Discovery of the Neutron
   Resource Lesson Dual Nature of Matter and Light
   Mini-Lab Exercise in Indirect Measurement - Circles - Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment Analog
   Mini-Lab Exercise in Indirect Measurement - Lab Directions - Rutherford Gold Foil Experiment Analog
   Worksheet Famous Discoveries and Experiments
   CP Workbook Light Quanta, the Atom and the Quantum
   Resource Lesson Matter Waves
   Resource Lesson Michelson-Morley Experiment
   Resource Lesson Millikan Oil-Drop
   Resource Lesson Photoelectric Effect
   Mini-Lab Quantized Mass - Millikan Oil Drop Experiment Analog
   Resource Lesson Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment
   Resource Lesson The Compton Effect

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