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Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Physlet Absorption and Emission of Radiation by an Atom
   Worksheet * Basic Principles of Refraction (Honors)
   Resource Lesson * Basic Trigonometry
   NextTime Light and Optics: Photographing Rainbows
   Physlet Light Dispersion Through a Glass Prizm
   Physlet Light Dispersion Through a Glass Slab
   Physlet Optical Fibers: Internal Reflections
   CP Workbook Properties of Light
   NextTime Refraction and Lenses: Apparent Depth
   NextTime Refraction and Lenses: Atmospheric Refraction
   NextTime Refraction and Lenses: Laser Fishing
   Resource Lesson Refraction of Light
   Worksheet * Refraction Phenomena (Honors)
   CP Workbook Refraction, Normals and Snell's Law
   Physlet The Rainbow
   Physlet Total Internal Reflection

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