Search AP Free Response Essays


Keywords for this search are based on any of the text contained in any of the Free Response AP Physics Essays (B and C) from 1970-2005.

The search results identify essays that contain the keyword used in each query. In the database, the essays are numbered chronologically. For example, if a query returns 1988B1 that would mean that the first free response question on the AP Physics B exam in 1988 contained the keyword used in your search.

Copies of the actual essays can only be released to students attending Mainland High School who are registered in PhysicsLAB's online program. The essays can only be viewed while students are on campus and in lab. Teachers can get copies of these essays from attending local AP Workshops or by directly contacting the College Board. Any teacher can, however, use this search mechanism to locate past essays that they might then choose to include in their local curriculum.

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