Lab Review
Inertial Mass and Vibrations

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PSL diagrams.
Use the diagrams shown on the left to answer questions about a clamp combination vibrated on an inertial balance.

This clamp combination's vibrations should be counted over what time interval? (HINT:  do NOT give me the duration)? 

How many vibrations occurred during that time interval?

What was this clamp combination's frequency?

What was the period of this clamp combination's motion?


General Graph Questions.

1.  What is the title of this graph? 

2.  What are the co-ordinates of two grid points? 

3.  What is the numerical value of the slope of this line? 

4.  In what units is the slope measured? 

5.  Write the equation for this line.

6.  What is the significance of this graph's y-axis intercept? 

7.  Calculate the mass of our clamp combination which had a period of 0.551 seconds. 

8.  Is this an interpolated or extrapolated value? 


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