Spectra of Hydrogen Gas Discharge

The following image is color coded spectra of hydrogen undergoing electrical discharge excitation.

It is computed and plotted in your browser by a Java program which reads a file containing a list of emission line wavelengths and their corresponding strengths.

Note: This program generates deep 24 bit color plots, therefore you may need to increase the color depth of your system to view subtle details in these spectra.

There may be a small delay as each Applet loads it's element emission line file and computes the spectra...


Your browser doesn't support Java.
Here is a lower quality jpeg of the spectra:

Both neutral and singly ionized helium contribute to the emission lines in this spectrum.
Different trial parameters :

Hydrogen Spectra in Two Parts:

from 4000 to 5500 Ångstroms
and from 5500 to 7000 Ångstroms

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