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When this Curriculum Guide was programmed, PhysicsLAB's content was divided into nine categories. Three of those categories were comprised of materials created originally for PhysicsLAB: Labs, Resource Lessons, and developmental Worksheets.  Four others represent materials converted from print and reformated for web-based instruction: AAPT's PhysicsBowl Tests and PhysicsOlympiad Screen Exams, Amusing Problems, CP Workbook pages, and NextTime Questions.

The mini-labs are "paper-and-pencil" activites that do not require any lab materials. Physlets are java applets which will probably require you to either download/update Java or check you Java Security settings. Drills are "drill and practice" pages to help review for the APB exam: units, formulas, conversions, and quick facts.

In 2004, drills transitioned into random number practice problems which focused on classic problems studied in first year college physics and on the Advanced Placement exams.

Interactive sample exams from North Carolina, Massachusetts, and the New York's Regents program were not available in 1999 when this Curriculum Guide was constructed.

A more exhaustive search for any resource currently databased in PhysicsLAB can be located using our search engine. Or, alternatively, you can use this Google Custom Search application which is based on Google's crawler's information.

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