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Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Resource Lesson * Conductors and Shells
   Worksheet Coulomb's Law
   CP Workbook Coulomb's Law
   Physlet Electric Field
   Resource Lesson Electric Field Potentials (Point Charges)
   Resource Lesson Electric Fields (Point Charges)
   Worksheet Electric Fields: Definitions, Formulas, Relationships
   CP Workbook Electric Potential
   Amusing Problem * Electrical Force: The Birthday Cake
   Amusing Problem * Electrical Force: The Electrostatic Induction
   Resource Lesson Electrostatics
   NextTime Electrostatics and Potentials: Lightning
   NextTime Electrostatics and Potentials: Potential
   NextTime Electrostatics and Potentials: Shock
   NextTime Electrostatics and Potentials: Van de Graaff
   NextTime Electrostatics and Potentials: Water Stream
   Lab LAB: Electric Field Mapping
   Resource Lesson Parallel Plates
   Worksheet Voltage and Potential

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