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Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Mini-Lab Blank Ray Diagrams: Converging Lenses
   Mini-Lab Blank Ray Diagrams: Diverging Lenses
   Worksheet Converging Lens Vocabulary
   Resource Lesson Converging Lenses
   Worksheet Diverging Lens Vocabulary
   Resource Lesson Diverging Lenses
   Resource Lesson Double Lens Systems
   Review * Honors: Review Lenses
   Physlet Image Formation by a Converging Lens
   Physlet Image Formation by a Diverging Lens
   Worksheet * Lens Maker Equation
   Resource Lesson * Lens Maker Equation
   Physlet Lens Systems
   CP Workbook Lenses
   Amusing Problem * Lenses: Enlightened
   Amusing Problem * Lenses: The Librarian
   Mini-Lab Microscope Diagram
   NextTime Refraction and Lenses: Underwater Vision
   Worksheet Solutions: Thin Lens Equation #3
   Worksheet Solutions: Thin Lens Equation #4
   Resource Lesson Thin Lens Equation
   Worksheet Thin Lens Equation #2
   Worksheet Thin Lens Equation #3
   Worksheet Thin Lens Equation #4

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