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  AlgebraLAB related materials Textbook Alignment
Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Resource Lesson Beats: Interference Of Sound
   Resource Lesson * Decibels and Sound Level Intensity
   Ancillary Materials Doppler Effect (film loop)
   Resource Lesson Doppler Effect, Bow Waves, Shock Waves
   Worksheet * Doppler, Strings, Pipes and Beats
   Resource Lesson * EPD: Interference Of Sound
   Resource Lesson Fundamentals of Sound
   Ancillary Materials Physics Olympics Event: Bottle Music
   Worksheet Resonance in Pipes
   Review * Resonance in Pipes
   CP Workbook Shock Waves
   Amusing Problem * Sound: Echo Chamber
   Amusing Problem * Sound: The Dog-Eared Page
   Worksheet Speed of Sound
   Resource Lesson Standing Waves: Resonance in Pipes
   NextTime Waves: Shock Cone

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