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Torque and Rotational Motion
  AlgebraLAB related materials Textbook Alignment
Standards Alignment

Type Title
   Resource Lesson Angular Momentum (APB)
   Resource Lesson * Angular Momentum (APC)
   Worksheet Angular Momentum Worksheet
   CP Workbook Center of Gravity
   Resource Lesson * Center of Mass
   Resource Lesson * Center of Mass - continuous bodies
   Resource Lesson * Center of Mass - discreet bodies
   Lab LAB: Mass of a Paper Clip
   Review Mechanics (Part 2)
   Resource Lesson * Moment of Inertia: Rods
   Resource Lesson * Rotational Dynamics
   Resource Lesson * Rotational Kinematics
   CP Workbook Rotational Motion: Mobiles
   Amusing Problem * Rotational Motion: The Baton Twirler
   Amusing Problem * Rotational Motion: The See-Saw Scene
   Resource Lesson Torque
   Worksheet * Torque and Moment Arms
   CP Workbook Torque: Beams
   CP Workbook * Torques: Cams and Spools

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